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Are you struggling to maintain your health and wellness? 

 Are you ready to get healthy but get confused with all the information out there? How do you know what workout and diet are right for you? Do you wish you had more energy? Are you done counting calories? Do you think about food and fitness more than you think about God? Do you want to know how to put God first in your fitness journey?
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Wellness Revival is a safe community that will meet you right where you are, love you as long as it takes and encourage you to move from secluded stagnancy to restored and equipped.


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I went to a Wellness Revival work out with my daughter and felt a little unsure of what to expect. Once we arrived we were greeted by genuine and kind people. The workout was very inclusive of many fitness levels with modifications for those who needed them. We were taken back at the incredibly accepting and encouraging environment and It was so refreshing to workout in a place where God was the focus and wholeness was the theme. We will definitely be back!

Jennifer Maddox

INCREDIBLE! I was able to laugh, giggle, and engage with my husband in a way we have never experienced before. The testimonies from each of you were absolutely on time and encouraged me again to remember I am not alone in my struggle nor my victories. The download from God my husband and I spoke to each was mountain moving! The prayer we received from Sarah and her husband was mountain moving and affirming! My husband saw a smile on my face, a fire in my heart and told me, "I love when you work out" For so many reasons this statement blessed my socks off and brought me freedom. The chain of self harm fell off! Hiding behind years of self rejection and abusing myself with bad habits, I have been slowly walking out of these bad habits-no exercise and eating poorly. The life my husband spoke with that statement has given me excitement to sprint away from this hiding and into the light, loving me and rediscovering this beautiful woman I abandoned 22 years ago. I have waited 13 years for a moment such as Friday night to share with my hubby. Him and I are both STRONG, but together with the Lord, we are a FORCE! Thank you WR squad for loving me and inviting me into this environment. Can't wait to see the manifestation of God's glory in me, my husband and our marriage! His heart will forever be changed because of this one night..... THANK YOU!

Jessica Kincaid

I had other plans but cancelled them so I can attend last night. I’m so happy I did. I honestly felt so much different walking out of there then what I did walking in. For the first time in a very long time I felt like I can overcome a lot that is going on. I’m ready to move forward and take back my life. I felt like God brought me there to show me I’m not alone and I can do this.

Alyce Murillo

I felt very comfortable. It was my first time to the event. So enjoyed the Bible scripture reading . I was surprised I was able to participate as well as I did. It was invigorating. I am so glad I came in spite of not being prepared. So thank you all.

Debby Schramm

Loved it! Wasn't sure what to expect since it was my first revival. I invited 3 family members and a co-worker who also enjoyed themselves. We are looking forward to the next one. What a great concept and message for all women to hear. GOD it the only way and we should praise HIM with our health! So glad GOD led me to find Savannah and her kindness to invite me to this revival experience!

Vanessa Duran

Felt His presence during yoga and just being able to concentrate on hearing his voice.


You truly have the gift of creating a welcoming and safe environment. The permission to worship and participate at your own personal pace and comfort is expressed and encouraged. In a sea of women you make every women feel known and seen.

Suzy Jennings

Beautiful event. I couldn’t Picture exercise combined with worship at the depth that this event was. Amazing experiencing them together. Having an understanding to the importance of blessing my body and how my body is for me was huge. This was scary and hard to be a part of but one ur in it’s a done deal. So much of this experience moved me but knowing someone was there to help me modify the exercise and love me so tenderly through it went deep for me. I wasn’t walking the journey alone was so encouraging and empowering to me.

Linda Hernandez

My thoughts are the revival are filled with people who love GOD deeply and love each other and are taught to honor GOD through movement and nutrition.Every event is unique and GOD shows up.

Alma Ream

Great workout, it was even better for my soul than my body! Loved it! I hope to attend the next one.


Last night was my first time there and I had no idea what to expect. I thought we sing a bit, move a bit and hear a few women speak, and although that did happen, that doesn’t begin to describe what took place. From the very opening worship with the ladies (can’t remember their names) speaking to us straight from the heart and God directed, sharing about themselves and what was on their heart, that was nothing short of amazing. Breakthrough!!! Then to hear all things nutrition with Sara! Amazing! The ironic thing was at the end, when she asked us to hold out our hands with the number the Holy Spirit gave us, I thought I had picked the one about eating real food, but looking at the list my answer was actually community! I didn’t know that WR was the missing link and EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for! Moving on to Savannah, she was so energetic that is wasn’t hard to jump in. What I didn’t expect was such truth in a workout. In between telling us how to move, she spoke so much truth to us, our value, to whom we belong, who’s daughters we truly are, that I knew God needed me to hear, especially last night. I so appreciated Jessica’s willingness to be vulnerable with us and sharing her mother’s death. I understand not wanting to share it for pity, but just hearing her share Jesus through that was a reminder of my own similar experience. Dara walking around the room at the end was great! There is something so powerful about laying hands on someone nd praying over them. I’m not sure what she prayed for, but it was so appreciated! Also, not sure what essential oil she used but the aromatherapy was wonderful. I’m not kidding when I say I was on the verge of ugly crying most of the night, but in the best way possible! I underestimated what to expect, but God showed up and had me hear EXACTLY what I needed.

Lauren Hebert

I so enjoyed the event!! So awesome to be in God’s presence with other women and feel encouraged along with some fun. Words cannot say enough how I came away feeling. Thank you ladies for bringing this group to our community. God is at work !!!The sense of God’s presence was awesome and to see my 19 year old daughter with tears streaming down her face was incredible. I believe we both were feeling His love upon us and the reaffirmation that He will ALWAYS love us. His love is amazing, perfect, and we are his daughters!! This evening brought such a rejuvenation of my spirit.

Kelli Brown

I loved every part of Wellness! The unity and passion to reach women of every kind, to know the love of Christ was truly Amazing.. During the end of yoga, while we were all meditating on our backs. There was oil placed on my wrist, I took in the sent of oil and it instantly reminded me of John 12:7-8 Mary putting perfume on Jesus feet to prepare him for his burial. It just reminded me of His sacrifice for us all! It made me emotional but in a really peaceful way. I began to give him thanks and praise and someone came and gently laid hands on me. This was great reminder of never forgetting His sacrifice for me and his people, He is with me and always Trust Him. My Balloon Message was: You are strong The words I received was: Step into your marching order. Thank You Wellness Team!!!

Natalie Lopez

I'm 77 years old, and I was invited by a friend who is 71. We couldn't do everything, but we enjoyed what we did do. Keep up the good work, girls! God wants His body healthy and disciplined and ready for whatever needs doing. Thank you for being a part of His plan.

Barbara Brown

No testimony, just wanted to share my appreciation for you ladies. Each time I have attended, I have walked away refreshed. Tired, but refreshed. Sore, but joyful. I especially appreciate that you recommend modifications for those of us who are injured or not in shape.

Debra Stearns

Usually I come to wellness revival with the intention to support and encourage others. Last night I came to receive. I soaked up God’s love through all that you were putting out. My balloon word was so fitting as well - I love how you did that exercise and let God find the perfect words into each needing hand. Thank you for your ministry of love, encouragement, truth, and empowerment.

Lisa Basile

I have been so blessed every time I attend. I have received internal healing of my heart. I experience the father’s love towards me and the his presence every time. I look for to this every month and invite all my girlfriends. I want them to experience the blessing like I have. You all are amazing! May God continue to pour out his blessing on your ministry.

Nancy Ramirez

[Wellness Revival is] Open, inviting, loving, powerful!


Absolutely LOVED the event and already recruiting friends for the next one. I love fitness, nutrition and most importantly JESUS so having all those things mixed into one event is amazing to me.

Lesley Hayes

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