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Our Story 

Wellness Revival began in 2018 and to hear our story is to hear the goodness, grace, and favor of God. Savannah, Jessica, and Sara met and decided to do an event together. God knew how He created us and that an Enneagram 8 and two 7’s would jump at this fun God venture because why not, it sounds fun!!! 

Our first event in February 2018 was packed and our second event was at Valley Christian Center where someone said yes to Jesus for the very first time. In that moment we knew that God created something special here and that we would follow Him through it all. We had monthly events that year and each event was beautiful and unique in its own. With Jesus at the forefront, this just keeps getting better and better! We had a 2 day event that summer which was amazing and we can’t wait to do that again.

In 2019, we became a 501(c)3 non-profit through some miraculous direction and help. We also launched our website and created our 7 Week Interactive Study Fit For Your Purpose. This was also the year we cultivated relationships with many local churches, but one became a strategic partner, Valley Christian Center. 

Wellness Revival is now opening a gym. It is located on the campus of Valley Christian Center and will be a safe place for you to come, hear God’s word and get healthy in body, soul and spirit. Finally, we will be able to consistently connect with our community. We get to teach classes and spread the gospel at the same time. 

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Reaching others for the Kingdom of God to encourage complete discipleship and healing in body, soul, and spirit. Sharing the good news of Jesus and his redemptive love through wellness we will be fit for our purpose. We desire to bring health and healing through Word, worship, and movement.

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